AngularJS form validation directive (xt-form)

About a year ago I wrote a directive to create a nice tooltip validation form for AngularJS that works cross browser. I used it in a project and then I completely forgot about it... until today! It's called xt-form and it provides AngularJS with realtime cross-browser tooltip validation like so:

example (the tooltip should be darker but my screenshot took away focus)

For an online demonstration and examples of usage click here.


  • Cross browser compatible form validation
  • Shows errors as you type in bootstrap tooltip bubbles which are easily styled to fit your theme.
  • Handles all built-in AngularJS validation attributes & works with custom validation directives and form elements utlizing ngModel
  • Form can be validated on demand programmatically
  • Allows for custom error messages as an override on the input itself (data-msg attributes)

If there is interest in the project I will continue to add features and bug fixes to the github repository.


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